"Exclusively Representing Your Philanthropic Interests in Israel"

A wide range of consulting services
in an accountable and professional manner

Your commitment to Israel is manifested through your charitable giving, which makes a positive difference to the lives of the people of Israel.


MM Philanthropic Consultants provides you with professional assistance through our constant accessibility, accountability and fiscal responsibility.


MM Philanthropic Consultants are your personal representatives in Israel. We ensure that your donations benefit your designated charitable causes and beneficiaries.


Michael Mohnblatt, the founder of MM Philanthropic Consultants, has over 30 years of extensive experience in the field of British and Israeli philanthropy. His integrity, reputation and trust with British philanthropists, charitable foundations and families are his professional trademarks.


MM Philanthropic Consultants appreciate that British foundations and donors:


are interested in supporting worthy Israeli charities which are registered with the Israeli Charities Authorities
believe in an active partnership with their beneficiaries while seeking a more hands-on involvement with their charitable donations in Israel
request confirmation that their charitable gifts are being allocated in an appropriate and accountable manner

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